A favourite water sports destination

A water sports enthusiast tells you more about the possibilities that our waters have to offer.

Our entire family loves spending time in and on the water, everyone in their own way. I am quite a successful angler and during weekends, I regularly compete in or prepare for angling competitions. Our 14-year-old twins are enthusiastic water scouts. They love being out on the water in their Laser. My wife simply loves sunbathing by the waterside and taking the odd refreshing dip. All this makes the Water Resort the ideal destination for us. Because of the water depth of 1.60m, our boys can easily sail out onto the Bovenwijde. They even get to compete in sailing competitions! I enjoy great fishing waters from our own deck. Tonight, I will be staying up to do some night fishing. I wonder whether I can also catch some eel, in addition to large pikes and carps!

 My wife is also having a great time. She rented a sunbed from reception, and has installed herself in her favourite place on our large deck. She finally has some time to read the book she got last Christmas! Now and then, she takes a refreshing dip from the jetty; the swimming ladder makes getting back on land very easy.

She doesn’t have to do a lot during the holidays. The boys are up in time to take delivery of our breakfast boxes at 8.30 and set the table. They also like going to the Spar in Giethoorn to get groceries. Because be honest, it is super cool to sail to the supermarket in your own sloop!

The water-rich environment of Bodelaeke offers lots of opportunities for fun and sports on the water.

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