A day trip to Giethoorn

One of our guests has some good tips for a day trip to Giethoorn! It is a perfect outing for other guests of our water resort. Shall we decide on a date?

The great thing about holidaying in the Netherlands is that friends and family can also come to visit us. This afternoon, we are welcoming a couple of friends and we are having dinner together at the Beachclub tonight. Before dinner, we are showing our guests around Giethoorn. We will be travelling there by water in our own sloop which is moored right behind our house. Now that the high season is over, the canals in Giethoorn are a lot quieter and easier to navigate.

We start our trip at the famous statue of Albert Mol (actor and TV personality), then contiuning our way to the heart of Giethoorn. We  love it: the bridges spanning the canals, the thatched farms and the hydrangeas in all their splendid colours. Next we arrive at the Bovenwijde, where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. A perfect time and place to open up that bottle of Prosecco and have a few snacks, and, of course, laugh, chat and take romantic pictures. Before the sun disappears behind the horizon and it gets dark, we sail back to Bodelaeke, mooring the boat in the marina just in time for our table reservation, to then enjoy a lovely dinner.

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