If you love sportfishing, your heart will start beating a bit faster when you see the large waters on and around our park. There are plenty of places to cast your fishing rod; from the jetty close to your villa, from the waterside or from a boat. National Park Weerribben is also a unique place for fishing, with countless lakes, canals and streams. The views are breathtakingly beautiful, so make sure you don’t forget to keep an eye on your float!

Sports fishing

The waters at the resort are private waters, with plenty of opportunities for anglers. Fishing is allowed with a Bodelaeke fishing pass.

  1. Bodelaeke fishing pass € 5.00 per day
  2. Bodelaeke fishing pass € 10.00 per midweek/weekend
  3. Bodelaeke fishing pass € 15.00 per week

Facilities overview

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