The top 10 benefits

The main advantages of investing at Bodelaeke

  • The investment provides you with a fantastic holiday destination;
  • The park is situated at one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Netherlands;
  • The location is truly unique, on the banks of a national park;
  • High-grade development and finishing. The property will hold its value;
  • Recreational real estate is a nice addition to your investment portfolio;
  • Carefree holidays: the rental and maintenance of holiday homes is organised centrally;
  • A stable rental income. Water Resort Bodelaeke serves a very luxurious niche market. Our target audience is loyal and very likely to come back time and again;
  • Because of the specific target audience we serve, your investment with us is crisis-proof;
  • Your rental income is adjusted annually based on market demand and the inflation index. This way, your investment continues to pay off in line with the market;
  • In addition to buying a holiday home with private funds, the purchase can usually also be financed.

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No worries about the future!

Any future sales will also be organised by us. Until now, the lead time is short, because our park is popular with both private and professional investors.

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