Experiences of home owners

This park shows the best of what The Netherlands have to offer. A wetland area, with beautiful flora and fauna, right in your backyard. With its colourful water villas, surrounded by water and reeds, Bodelaeke offers an enchanting, almost magical landscape. For me, this is a great place to escape from the hectic rush of everyday life and to recharge my batteries. The natural phenomena that the various seasons have to offer make every stay at the Water Resort unique and different. The way the light is reflected by the water results in beautiful colour plays. No matter how many times I come to Bodelaeke, I am enchanted by it every time.

Something to be proud of

As an investor, I got to choose from 5 basic types, in all kinds of variations. All of them were beautiful water villas on large plots. I looked at them extensively and also got the opportunity to sleep in a number of the houses. Eventually I fell in love with an ochre yellow Punter with wellness facilities. We also applied those warm colours inside the house. The interior designers of Bodelaeke gave me really good advice. The house reflects my mood when I drive towards Bodelaeke really well: positive and sunny. It is a home away from home that I am proud of and can relax in. Even when I’m working on the laptop at the dining room table, I can enjoy the gorgeous views of the water from my large bay window.

Bodelaeke is a project for connoisseurs. People who consciously choose to buy something different, for whom the emotional value is more important than achieving maximum returns. 

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