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A bit of history

We would like to take you back in time...

Where the Beulakerwijde, the largest lake of Giethoorn, is located now, there used to be a village called Bodelaeke. Like Giethoorn and all other small water villages in the area, it was founded in the 15th century as a settlement for peat workers. The name literally means ‘House (Bode) on the water (Laeke)’. Bodelaeke was a small hamlet with only a few houses. The residents worked as peat farmers in the area. In 1775, a big storm destroyed the town of Bodelaeke. Because the farmers had to extract more peat and at a faster rate in order to meet the growing demand, they started to take risks. The narrow strips of land (ribs or laying fields), used to dry the peat that had been dug out and where the peat farmers lived, became narrower and narrower. The storm destroyed the ribs, and the water played havoc with the land. Only two houses and the church survived. After the next storm tide in 1825, these eventually disappeared under water as well.

A wonderful source of inspiration

This piece of rich history and heritage was a wonderful source of inspiration for the designers and developers of Water Resort Bodelaeke. For the resort, a small lake on the banks of National Park De Weerribben-Wieden was reclaimed to create the characteristic peninsulas or ribs; right where Bodelaeke used to be. The architecture of the houses expresses a mix of ecological architecture with traditional building materials characteristic for this region, such as wood, thatch, brick and Dutch roof tiles. The 8 different house types have the following colour schemes: black, ochre, stone red and icy blue. The variation in high-grade building styles gives the holiday park the look and feel of a truly special and modern water village.

Bodelaeke: more than a holiday park

Bodelaeke is an iconic project for the Giethoorn area, and consists of several parts. When you drive towards Giethoorn from Zwartsluis along the Beulakerweg, you will see this beautiful development outside Giethoorn on the left. In addition to Water Resort Bodelaeke with 191 luxury holiday water villas, more than 30 dream homes were built for permanent habitation. At the Van der Gootplantsoen, just before the entrance of the Water Resort, another 8 detached water villas for permanent habitation were realised. 

Beachclub & Camper Resort Bodelaeke

The main building of Bodelaeke is situated at the entrance of the Water Resort. A special feature is that the Beachclub Bodelaeke restaurant and the reception are open to the public. This allows a large audience to enjoy the large sun terrace with panoramic views of the marina with 39 berths and 15 colourful boat houses. It also makes the Beachclub a popular stop or starting point for a trip to National Park De Weerribben-Wieden, over land or water. Bodelaeke covers an area several square kilometres in size, with lots of nature and water. Camper Resort Bodelaeke is situated on the south side of the Water Resort. This full-automatic full-service camper site comprises 99 half-paved pitches overlooking water on all sides.

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